Two episodes of emotion and character development which are definitely worth your time.
Dewey Wins

‘Steven Universe’ Returns As ‘Dewey Wins’ Before Going On A ‘Gemcation’

After taking the summer and the better half of the fall off Steven Universe finally returns. How dies the world react to Steven’s intergalactic adventure? By making him feel terrible about what he did.

Dewey Wins

Steven helps Mayor Dewey run a difficult campaign.

The ramifications for Steven’s actions are put on display. Much like with shows like The Flash and Arrow, the creators decided to go with “Cast member is mad at the hero for doing what he thought was right.” It actually makes a bit more sense here than it does in the other two shows. Connie is a teenager and she can’t help but feel angry and frustrated by Steven making such a big decision without asking her for help.

This episode helps to show the citizens of Beach City are not blind to the craziness which happens around them. Considering the usual approach is “we don’t talk about the weird things” having the actions of the Gems result in a shift in the status quo is refreshing. It’s hard to believe with all of the feral Gems which have shown up over the years more people haven’t mysteriously gone missing until now.

Also, it’s always a treat to hear Joel Hodgson of Mystery Science Theater 3000 voicing Mayor Dewey. Shame it looks like he will be making even less of an appearance in future installments.


Steven Universe

To help him relax, Greg and the Gems take him on vacation.

Episodes like this one which help to remind the audience Steven is just a kid and he has room to grow. Like a kid, his has a big issue which he feels he can’t discuss with his family which results in him being moody and distant. Also there is the whole aspect of being on his phone the entire time instead of taking part in the family activity.

It is important to remember just how crucial episodes like this are. Sure it’s great when Steven and the Gems get in anime style fights against monsters but it’s also important to go back to the emotional aspect of the show once in a while and remind everyone of just how much these characters have grown. It’s very deep and meaningful as Greg and Steven talk to each other about life and how it can sometimes be too much for anyone person to understand.

Good to have Steven back, even if these episodes were devoid of action. It will be interesting to see if there are other consequences for Steven going off into space.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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Two episodes of emotion and character development which are definitely worth your time. 'Steven Universe' Returns As 'Dewey Wins' Before Going On A 'Gemcation'