Spoilers: All-New X-Men #40, Awkward But Proud Moment

We even have a spoiler warning from Brian Michael Bendis about All New X-Men #40.

One last warning.
All New X-Me #40

On April 22nd, Brian Michael Bendis finishes his run on All New X-Men with issue #40, but before he says goodbye he brings a touching tale to the final issue. The X-Men have always been a beacon of hope for social outcasts. Fourteen-year-old comic book nerds in 1988 were definitely social outcasts and the X-Men where there for me. But now these times are changing, and there are greater social issues that the X-Men need to go and fight.

“Thats’s one of the good things about being here as opposed to back where we came from. I don’t think anyone cares here, not like back then,” said Jean Grey in All New X-Men #40.

People do care, and this book will make a fuss, but it shouldn’t. What we can hope for is that All New X-Men #40 inspires one kid to be comfortable in his skin as Bendis and Jean Grey awkwardly helped Bobby Drake, Iceman, become comfortable in his.

The pages below leaked online, but you should buy this issue and sit on your couch and enjoy it for what it is.

Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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