Spider-Man’s “One More Day” May Be No More

According to Comic Book Resources, the “One More Day” story arc for Spider-Man may be retconned. This comes from issues Amazing Spider-Man #14 and Spider-Man/Deadpool #6. In the issues, the webslinger and others begin to notice oddities in his relationship with Mary Jane Watson.

“One More Day” controversially ended Peter Parker’s marriage to Mary Jane Watson. This was part of a deal with Mephisto in order to save the life of Aunt May. Fans were not keen on this story arc, thus making it one of heated debate ever since.

Iron Man, of all people, finds their animosity to be peculiar, needing Spidey, MJ, and Jarvis to convince him otherwise. Elsewhere, Peter Parker’s Aunt May begins to show signs of some ailment. Since the agreement allows May to live, undoing it will certainly end badly for her.

Finally, a teaser for Spider-Man/Deadpool shows Peter facing Mephisto himself. The preview shows Peter being told of a secret void existing in Peter’s life. Obviously this is connected directly with the events of “One More Day.”

After Comic Book Resources published an article on the potential undoing of “One More Day,” the site opened a poll to gauge audience reaction. A staggering eighty-eight percent of those polled want the couple back together.

Whether or not “One More Day” is erased from Marvel’s canon is hard to say. Especially when the company and respective creators are silent right now.

What do you guys think of the potential change? Do you want Peter Parker and Mary Jane back together?


Seth Frederiksen
Seth Frederiksen
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