Spider-Inspired ATV Will Take You To Unusual Places

Next time you go shopping for an all terrain vehicle, your spidey-sense may end up tingling. If Spider-Man had an ATV, it would certainly have to be the new Swincar E-Spider from Mecanroc

Credit: www.swincar.fr

I find it extraordinary when people use nature as inspiration for technology and the inherent innovation that results from their inspiration. The Wright brothers were on to something big when they paid close attention to birds taking flight in the sky. It is perhaps birds that should get more credit for the creation of mechanical flight.  Mecanroc Co. has managed to find inspiration from an insect. The E-Spider will take you to places in nature that would be difficult to reach in an ordinary ATV.

This incredible ATV has enhanced flexibility, and when navigating off-road resembles a spider.  The Electronic Spider’s aluminum tube legs feature patented tilt technology which allows for maximum all terrain functionality.

Taking a ride in the French countryside has never looked so fun. Rocks, hills, rivers, mountains can now be navigated and explored without leaving your vehicle. Swincar has released a number of promotional videos on Youtube including an Official Trailer demonstrating what their innovative creation can handle off-road.

Want to take a friend out in your new E-Spider? Great! Swincar plans to release a two-seater model in the future and also a “joystick” model to make steering more accessible.

Would you take a ride in an E-Spider? Where would you drive one? Let us know in the comments below…

Andrew Dubats
Andrew Dubats
Digital media producer and writer who often travels to places with sun and palm trees. He also happens to live in a place with sun and palm trees which reduces travel costs.