Song Review: Lady Gaga Releases “Perfect Illusion” [Listen Inside]

Pop Goddess Lady Gaga Comes Back With “Perfect Illusion”, Her First Single In Almost Four Years!

The fiery new single “Perfect Illusion” by Lady Gaga was just released and it’s already being hailed as one of her best songs. Featuring production by Mark Ronson, Kevin Parker, and BloodPop, the song is pop-influenced arena rock. With some of her strongest pop vocals to date, “Perfect Illusion” shows such growth in Gaga. Not only in her voice but her style and musical swagger.

Perfect Illusion

Never one to fit into molds, Lady Gaga’s new song really stands out in the electronic-ruled pop music scene. Not only does this song feel new and inventive but also conjures feelings of 80’s rock ballads. This song is ready for the dance floor or to be sang along to drunk at a bar. Something only Gaga could do.

Check out the newest single below!

“Perfect Illusion” is off the still unnamed fifth studio album from Lady Gaga.

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EJ Moreno
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