Slots Games That Were Inspired By Hollywood

1, 2, Freddie’s Coming for You… 3, 4 Better Lock Your Door…

In 1984, the world watched in horror as a new villain appeared on the scene. This was no ordinary monster, it was the terrifying Freddy Krueger. Horror movies had never fully explored the nightmare concept quite as brilliantly as Wes Craven’s ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’. This flick – the first in a series of hugely successful Hollywood box office horrors – rocked the horror genre like never before.

The movie starred Johnny Depp, Mimi Craven, John Saxon, Robert England and Heather Langenkamp, among others. The premise of the movie is simple: a demonic, tormented entity infiltrates the minds of a group of teenagers on Elm Street. He’s hell-bent on brutalizing his victims in the cruelest and inhumane ways possible. The only way his victims can escape his wrath is to confront him within their own minds. But on Freddie’s turf, you’re never safe as that’s where this ghoulish, razor-clad villain guts his victims to death.

The premise of the movie is brilliant, and audiences around the world agreed: A Nightmare on Elm Street generated $25,504,513. Other sequels and prequels followed, and the total take of all Nightmare on Elm Street movies amounted to $370,495,086 – stunning for the horror genre. The most popular film in the series became Freddy versus Jason with takings of $82,622,655.

The runaway success of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies soon found a niche audience in the casino industry. A Nightmare on Elm Street slots is arguably the most terrifying slot game on the market, and it is available in a free-play mode at 888casino. This slots game is based on the latest Nightmare on Elm Street movie from 2010. It features 5 spinning reels, authentic video clips from the movie, bloodcurdling screams, and all the hapless characters too.

A caveat is in order: This is the most chilling slot game that I’ve ever encountered, and I’ve played them all. I found myself turning off the volume, much like I would during a tense scene in a horror movie, just to be able to get through the spins. Purists of the horror genre will be absolutely gobsmacked by the attention to detail and the eerie nature of this slot machine game.

From Horror to Comedy – Hollywood Inspires a Breakthrough Slot Machine Game

In 1998, Hollywood came up with a winner in The Big Lebowski. This R-rated comedy/crime mystery is rated at 8.2/10 on IMDb. It starred John Goodman, Jeff Bridges, and Julianne Moore. The Big Lebowski was directed by Joel Coen and Ethan Coen. The movie tells the story of The Dude – Mr. Lebowski – who was mistaken for a millionaire. The characters in this bowling-inspired flick offer zingers galore, fantastic jokes, drama and so much more.

Jeff Bridges stars as The Dude, John Goodman stars as Walter Sobchak, and Julianne Moore was Maude Lebowski. The movie grossed just $17,451,873 at the box office in 1998, but it has acquired cult-like status among fans the world over. As fate would have it, this Hollywood flick would also find its way to the online casino arena.

Within no time at all, 888casino was hosting The Big Lebowski slot machine game. It features the Dude, Donnie, Jesus, Maude and Walter. It also features free spins (spares), wild symbols, expanding wild symbols and a fabulous Goodnight Sweet Prince Bonus Game. The Big Lebowski has 5 spinning reels, 25 fixed lines and lots of added extras to keep you bowling strikes.

An Epic Blockbuster Comes to Life at the Casino – Clash of the Titans

Once word got out that Hollywood movies were making the transition to online casino-themed slots games, there was no stopping them. The next big hit on the scene was Clash of the Titans slot. This adrenaline-fueled slot game tells the story of Perseus – an ancient Greek hero who is tasked with saving the world from cataclysm. This 5-reel, 20-line slot machine game offers adrenaline-loaded entertainment from inception to cash out. All those mythical Greek heroes in Zeus, Perseus, and the iconic Mount Olympus will feature in the Clash of the Titans. This is one not to be missed, and it makes the transition from film to slot game beautifully.

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