Slimy and Gooey – Monster Girls episode 4

The slime girl is here, the slime girl is here! It’s been three episodes coming in Monster Girls, but we finally get the slime girl Suu. And well, just from her intro I look at Suu as less of a character and more like a prop. Now I know that differentiating between character and prop in a harem show is a thin line anyway. But I feel Suu fits the “mold” better than others.

Birds of a feather

And I don’t really think the show portrays her much different. Even from the get-go Suu’s very existence feels like a joke. The show doesn’t even explain how she got in their house. But honestly all that doesn’t matter because Suu is just there to give you weird boners and to constantly slime all the members of the household. And I guess she’s also there to be a sort of girl pal to Papi. Or maybe Suu being her play thing is a better way to put it. Either way you could say that they’re “birds of a feather.”

Now don’t get me wrong I like Suu and the comedy she brings to the show. It’s just it’s hard to consider her a character when its easy to tell the only reason she’s there is to slime everyone. And while all the other girls clearly have their own purposes similar to Suu’s, it seems like a prop to a prop and that just gets too Christopher Nolan’y for me. But I do enjoy the mechanic of what she can do as a slime girl, and combined with that dumb/confused look on her face, it just makes sense to me.

She slimed me

Now uh, more stuff happened in this episode. One part that really confused me is when Cerea gets naked and walks into the bath. She has a towel covering her breasts and the towel hangs down to make it seem like its covering her vagina. But when she’s getting scrubbed down by Kimihito and he gets too close to her butt, she makes a big deal implying that there’s something there. Basically what I’m getting at is I want to know if her vagina is on the front or back. I know it shouldn’t bother me that much, but I need to know. Given the fact that Miia’s is where a normal humans would be, I’m leaning more towards the front.

Papi's maternal instincts

But enough of my fascination with vagina placement on Centaurs, we also get a few pretty cute scenes with Papi. To be honest she’s probably my favorite to watch on-screen when things aren’t getting sexy so this is sort of biased. But when she’s playing with those kids, it just seems really cute to me. Kimihito even comments on it maybe being her maternal instincts. Which makes sense giving the immediate shine she took towards Suu. Because Suu basically acts like a baby. Now I totally can see Papi not being maternal at all and just having fun with these kids because she can relate to them, but I can dream can’t I. Or maybe I’m just being delusional.

Being Mothers

Like they did with Papi’s scenes, the show is still nicely incorporating how everyone’s feelings are changing given the news that Kimihito will be marrying one of them. These scenes are short and funny while feeling natural to whats going on in the episode. Even though its minute, any continuity in a show like this is appreciated. Especially when it’s handled this smooth. It’s clear that the girls have switched modes into proving who will make the best wife. Now lets just hope Monster Girls can take that and grow on it instead of just devolving backwards, which is what almost always happens. Now please excuse me while I go look up centaur anatomy. Until next week, see ya!

And yay I made it thorough this article without making a Ghostbusters joke! oh wait!

She Slimed Me Ghostbusters


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