Sixpoint Craft Ales “Bengali” Beer Review

Sixpoint Craft Ales has seen it all, from Hurricane Sandy to cats getting pregnant. but in the meantime they have also engineered some incredible beers.

Sixpoint has four core beers and several seasonal. Since 2004, the brewery has made hundreds of different beers, I decided to pick up an IPA. “Bengali” is an IPA that hails from Red Hook, Brooklyn, and had garnered my interest due to the reputation of the brewery around the nation. After my interaction with this beer you can also count on seeing more reviews from this New York-based brewery.

Let’s crack these suckers open.


“Bengali” has a great flavor that isn’t too hoppy which allows for a less bitter flavor. The rich, subtleness of the flavor makes them a truly enjoyable craft beer. The can describes the crew at Sixpoint as mad scientists and once you take a sip of one of their blends it becomes pretty obvious that it isn’t hyperbole.


It is certainly a darker than the name Pale Ale would have you believe  but the flavor is par for the course. A smooth taste that isn’t overly distinct where you can get tired of the beer.


Six cans for about $12 was a solid deal and considering the 6.5% ABV (Alcohol By Volume) it is a great bargain and an awesome beer to have on hand for watching sports, movies or just hanging out with a friend.


The can definitely pops off the shelf which caught my eye and I think that the graphic on the can is awesome. The logo is well organized and contains IBU (International Bitterness Unit) and SRM (Standard Reference Method), which is used for color classification. The other great, underrated part about the presentation is how slender the cans are. If you are going to a beach or in any scenario where space is crucial than Sixpoint is a great way to maximize your space.

Final Sip of Sixpoint Bengali

Sixpoint is definitely one of my go-to breweries from this point on. This is an affordable IPA that is put together by people who love doing what they do. A group of people who really honed their craft (pardon the pun) and have created something that should be celebrated. Or used to celebrate.

Six Point Bengali

Darcy Reddan
Darcy Reddan
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