Shower Beers: Craft Beers Newest and Weirdest Phenomenon

Showers Beers

Beers made to drink specifically in the shower. Grabbing a can of PBR could be a thing of the past, thanks to this wonderful and weird kind of way to enjoy a beer.

PingPang, a brewery from Scotland made the first actual Shower Beer. The owner, and founder of the brewery, Fredrik Tunedal knew this was a thing the world needed.

“The idea for a Shower Beer is a universal thing, I think,” Tunedal told Vice’s MUNCHIES. “As a brewer, I work long and hard days, and when I come home I’m often covered in malt dust (my girlfriend actually calls me Mr. Malty Pants) and the shower is a gateway back to normal society,”

“Looking through the hashtag #showerbeer it’s easy to see that people all over the world love that feeling of a hot shower and an ice cold beer. I just wanted to try to optimize the experience by trying to customize a brew for this glorious occasion.”


shower beerThis adorable bottle is a tiny six ounce, that packs a 10% ABV. A Pale Ale, made to be a pregame to your evening, a relaxer after a long day, or just an extra pick me up in the morning. This wonderful item also doubles as a conditioner, making it an extra special beer.

The overwhelming attention PingPang got for this product was really unbelievable. It was supposed to be a one-time, very limited item that was only released in Scotland. Due to the overwhelming want and need, they decided to give it another go, making it a two batch wonder. Unfortunately, PingPang is not available to us beer snobs in the states.

Breweries and brewers alike, take note! This is a golden opportunity to bring in something new and different, and the beer world is willing to try.

This week take a bottle of beer in the shower and do not forget to rinse.

Until next time beer snobs!

Devon Kenney
Devon Kenney
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