Should WWE Use Seth Rollins to Bring Back Old WWF Title?

For those of you who don’t know, Seth Rollins won the United States championship from John Cena this past Sunday at SummerSlam with help from Jon Stewart. The victory made Seth Rollins the WWE champion and United States champion.

Seth Rollins WWE and US Title

Does that look familiar? Even if you haven’t watched wrestling in twenty years that should make you feel as if you’re looking in the past.

Shawn Michaels European and WWF Title


While Seth Rollins won the match, as the entire Barclays Center was losing it’s mind, I realized why I don’t like the current WWE title. I actually felt like the US title, maybe due to John Cena, had more clout to it. Holding a belt with a flag on it or the globe has more weight than a corporate symbol.

All the belt has on it is the WWE logo.

You are just the champion of the WWE, what about the rest of the world where wrestling takes place on each continent? It can be said that it is similar to winning an NBA title, where the idea that you are also the best in the world is insinuated; not good enough.

Calling it “The WWE World Heavyweight Championship” is not good enough.

The world needs to be on that belt.

It’s not even a question that people like the classic WWF title more than the current style. Having the globe presented prominently on the belt adds a level of achievement that simply can not be matched by having just the WWE logo with diamonds in it.

That’s why I think now would be a perfect time to bring back the old title. Have Raw open with Triple H in the ring and he is going to make up for what happened with Sting last week. He tells Seth that he reached a height that hasn’t been seen in a long time and he wants to give him a gift. The gift would of course be the old school WWF circle belt.

WWF championship 1998

Seth Rollins would carry this belt instead of the current WWE title going into his match with Sting at Night of Champions.

The idea of Night of Champions closing with Sting holding the WWF title from 1998, when he was the man in WCW and it seemed like he never would set foot in a WWE ring, would be an incredible sight to see.

And for only $9.99 on the WWE Network! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What do you think is going to happen at Night of Champions? Sound off below! 


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