Should Cosmic Book News get in trouble for spoiling Fantastic Four #600?

UPDATE: (4:18 PM CST Nov. 22, 2011) Cosmic Book News has taken down the image.

Matt McGloin the editor and publisher of Cosmic Book News posted the last page of Fantastic Four #600 which spoils the end of the story. Is this a problem?

The picture also has the Cosmic Book News logo on it so that no one can use the image. The problem with the post is there is no review to go with the image, just the generic description of the issue put out by Marvel Comics. Do you consider this journalism? Should the industry implement rules for releasing images? Retailers have new books on Tuesday but can’t sell them till Wednesday morning.

No one at Marvel Comics would go on record to comment on the situation. The best I could get is a “Bummer,” from Ryan Penagos the editorial director of is trying to avoid spoilers till they read the issue. John Siuntres of wasn’t excited to here the news. Jonathan Hickman replied to the Comic Vault through twitter with this to say.

Jonathan Hickman
@comicvault – I don’t care. It was going to get out there. Besides it’s not the reveal that matters…

Jonathan Hickman
@comicvault – plus I haven’t read that article, so I’m not sure ‘which’ spoiler is being spoiled
2 minutes ago

Did you read that?! ‘Which’ spoiler? Hickman is a crafty man.

What do you think?

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