Shantel VanSanten Hints At Return To ‘The Flash’ For Season Three

Patty Spivot played by Shantel VanSanten, put Central City in her review mirror in season two of ‘The Flash’ as she moved to Midway City to continue her education as a crime scene investigator.

VanSanten was in Orlando Saturday at a fundraiser to benefit the victims and families of the Pulse Night Club mass shooting. A 100% of her profits from autographs and photo ops were donated to One Orlando.

When the actress was asked if she’s coming back in season three of ‘The Flash,’ VanSanten hinted to a possible return.

“There is a very strong possibility if everything works out,” said VanSanten with a big smile on her face.

With season three starting off in the Flashpoint universe the possibilities are limitless, but since VanSanten said ‘if everything works out’ she probably hasn’t started filming her episodes yet. Also, Patty’s Earth-2 counterpart is mentioned in season two “Escape from Earth-2.” She works as a full-fledged C.S.I. agent. With the multiverse, it becomes harder to predict which Patty Spivot the audience will see in season three.

Are you a fan of Patty Spivot, and do you want to see her return in season three of ‘The Flash?’ The Scarlet Speedster returns to the CW on October 4.

In the video below VanSanten talks about why it was important to come to Fan Fest Orlando for the fundraiser.

Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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