‘Seven To Eternity’ Builds Tension As Deep As Its World

Seven To Eternity has quickly been established as one of the most unique and engaging comic book experiences available currently. Image Comics’ science fiction fantasy by the dream team of Rick Remender & Jerome Opeña releases its seventh installment this week.

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Adam Osidis has seemingly betrayed his allies and left Jevalia to die in order to save the Mud King. His daughter has joined the group he’s left behind to pursue his agenda with the “God Of Whispers”. The group finds refuge in a strange village in order to save Jevalia from being lost to the swamp.

Tensions are high for our characters as they stray from their already crumbling scheme to compensate for the latest betrayal. The series began with its focus on the worth of a man and his word. As the story progresses we see that put to the test every week in some form.

Who do you trust? Seven To Eternity‘s beautiful cast of characters has gotten smaller, the stakes are always high as the series keeps us constantly on the edge of whatever we read comics on. Readers are forced to go back and forth each book on Adam Osidis and company.

The analysis of character motivation and action between issues rivals the most thought provoking television dramas. All within a heavy science fiction landscape, filled to the brim with life.

Seven issues into this monumental series, readers have so much to digest and analyze. Remender and Opeña have built a massive world on the fly, introducing us to unique concepts, creatures, and rules. What could easily be overwhelming in other books is executed so flawlessly that readers don’t miss a beat.

Seven To Eternity 7 GoblinRemender has a remarkable skill in creating these vast sci-fi thunderdomes. He fills them with so many details and layers of character that readers want to be apart of them. To subscribe to a Rick Remender series is to immerse yourself into the greatest reality escape comic books can provide each month.

Another reason Remender’s comics always matter so much is because of who he chooses to do them with. He always partners with the perfect collaborator on every title, it becomes a very personal experience in an industry that can’t keep a single creative team together for a full run.

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Unfortunately, with Seven To Eternity #7, that worked against them. Jerome Opeña was absent this issue, with James Harren stepping in on pencils. Harren does a fine job illustrating a new landscape and tons of new creatures. It’s just that this book belongs to Opeña and his chemistry with Rick is what sunk its hooks into us in the first place.

Personally, I don’t want anyone else on the book, leave the creative carousel to Marvel and DC. That being said, James Harren took one of these insane scripts and drew the hell out of it and that absolutely deserves major praise.

Seven To Eternity 7 Spirits

Seven To Eternity is a book like no other, even if you read Remender’s other titles. It’s still young, despite all that it’s already accomplished creatively. If you’re not reading this book, get on board.

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