WWE Extreme Rules: What Does The Return of Seth Rollins Mean?

After Roman Reigns Retained His Title, Former Champ Seth Rollins Attacks!

The landscape of the WWE has changed once again. As WWE’s ‘Extreme Rules‘ came to a close, champion Roman Reigns thought the battle was over. The returning former champion Seth Rollins had something else to say about that. Storming the ring and hitting Reigns with his finishing move, Rollins made a statement to the WWE Universe that he wants the gold back around his waist.

After months away from wrestling due to an injury, it was only a matter of time before Seth Rollins would return. Many were expecting it to be early next month but the shock of seeing him after the AJ Styles v Roman Reigns match was worth it.

But what does this mean for Roman’s title and the WWE in general?

Many were expecting the Styles/Reigns feud to last longer but it looks like Seth has thrown a wrench in those plans. While I personally would have loved to see AJ keep fighting with Roman but this sudden change will keep things from being stale. Now if the 3 men could somehow face off, that would be one stellar match.

But how does Seth Rollins go about getting his title match? Was attacking the former champion enough or will he need to win the Money In The Bank match at next month’s PPV? This mystery is refreshing as we go into tomorrow’s Monday Night Raw with many questions.

Seth Rollins


Are you excited for the return of Seth Rollins? Where do you think storylines will head following this sudden change?

Let me know in the comments below how you feel about this epic comeback!

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