Sense8 is closing some threads – Episode 10&11

With only one episode of Sense8 left I think it was safe to assume that these last few episode would close some conflicts that have been stirring all season. Now knowing that, one question that comes to mind is just how satisfying were these conclusions. And seeing that I’ve never been able to completely invest in these characters to begin with, the arcs they did close were pretty damn great!wolfgang RPG


First off we get some sweet revenge for all the savage imagery of Wolfgang growing up. Sure it may have taken a long time for us to realize why he hated his family so much. But now that we know the motivation behind it, seeing him get revenge for his best friend and a little retribution from growing up makes this scene work. Also the RPG definitely helps.


Now after the incident with Wolfgang, Lito has taken some of that courage and resolve to do what he was, up until now, afraid to do and go save Daniela. This scene is great because it sort of reminded me of the first time Capheus went to get his mothers medicine back. He knew full well that he probably wouldn’t stand a chance, but went anyway due to his selfless nature. Now we get to see Lito break free from his selfish nature and do something for someone else. (Even though there may have been side benefits for doing so). We really got to see Lito grow and it seems believable seeing the action that brought forth his growth really rocked his world, as was seen in previous episodes. Also, what a way to end it with an uppercut to the jaw!

Litos Bravery


And speaking of Capheus, his arc is the last one they wrapped up. Now while the show sort of made it seem like he had a hard decision to make about giving up Silas’ daughter. But I always sort of knew that he would do anything to keep that from happening. Capheus certainly has a gentle heart and would rather see himself go through pain rather than someone he loves. In the end his decision really solidified his character if it wasn’t already apparent. It also solidified Sun as the one who comes and bails him out when he gets in over his head.

Capheus Rescue


As for the big remaining conflict, it seems that one or a few of the main 8 will meet before this season is done. With Riley now in the same situation as Nomi was, it’s only a matter of time before Whispers gets a hold of her. Luckily this time Will and Nomi are ready to attack as well, and won’t give up Riley without a fight.

Also I’m pretty sure this part I’m about to talk about is a set-up for later seasons so its definitely worth mentioning, at the least to keep in the back of your mind. Will and Jonas have another talk and in this talk Jonas reveals that there are two different types of humans. And not in the just being special sense. They’re two completely first species of human. Thats how Jonas phrases it anyway. He also makes it sound like that sensate were the first humans until humans evolved into our kind so they could be more ruthless. I watched that part again just to make sure, and thats pretty much what he means. So there is definitely stuff to dig in there as well. And surely Sense8 has more to come with the next episode.

Species Sense8


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