Sense8 Has Found A Way – Episode 6&7

Sense8 has certainly been a wild ride so far, and we’re only half way through. And while I liked the last two episode for their character development, I was still a little hungry for something to actually happen besides a bunch of them sensing each other and talking. At some points it just feels like a fancy way to group chat… Or group orgy. And while these episodes certainly had a lot of that(especially orgies), other things happened too, good things. Sense8 Will

It seems that after five episode Sense8 has found a way, that is to actually start gearing up and doing what it promised from the beginning.For example, you see that guy in the picture? You might have forgotten about him since we haven’t seen him since the beginning of the first episode, but he’s the bad guy. And our two sensates Nomi and Will are getting closer to finding out what he does and what he wants.

Sense8 Wolfgang and KalaSense8 Connections

Now when a show has so many characters and they are all suppose to be connected in some way it’s probably hard to convey actual connections between character. Especially since they haven’t even met in real-time yet, or shared only a few experiences together. But I think Sense8 has found a way to remedy this with having certain sensates have an innate deep connection that each other. One of the reasons I think this is the similarities between Riley and Capheus. Both of them have share a similar sort of unwanted past (Riley with her mom and Capheus with his people). The fact that they are sort of kindred spirits makes them closer naturally and gives their interactions seem more natural. I think the same thing is going on with Kala and Wolfgang, but for the fact that they are polar opposites, dealing with their relationship with their families. They’re polar opposites where Kala only wants to please her family and Wolfgang hates and resents his family. Its starting to seem there are certain traits that reflect better when a certain two sensates interact, which I really like. But it might be me looking too deep into it. They also might be doing it with all the characters eventually. But for now I’ll keep my theory.

Nomi Secret agent

Now I don’t think It’s a secret but ever since the beginning of the show I’ve found Nomi super annoying. I just don’t like the hippie mentality that she and her girlfriend share. But yet again, Sense8 has found a way to make me start to enjoy the time when she’s on-screen. All the hacking and sleuthing she did in these two episodes is starting to make her an enjoyable character. And its moving the plot along at an alarming rate. Way to go Nomi!

So you might think I’ve turned into just another fan boy screaming the shows praises. Well, not quite. While even though a lot is moving forward with the story. It still feels only like Will and Nomi are the ones doing anything. The other six sensates are still dealing with their own lives. I just can’t shake this feeling of wasting so much time for the sake of nothing. But given that most of their problems involve drugs and big corporations, I’m pretty sure they will all tie in with this secret organization pretty soon. Except Lito. No idea where that stuff is going. But for the rest of them I can see shit hitting the fan real soon.

Also I just wanna see Sun get into a fight with a monster girl in prison and beat the shit out of her. I f she did she could be running that place in a week. I know it has nothing to do with the story, but it would be cool to see.

Also one more thing. I think I’ve come to the conclusion that Riley is the best girl out of all of them.  I know it really it isn’t a contest, but as a guy I can’t help but think about these things. I mean come on, just look at that smile.

Sense8 Best girl



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