Sense8 gets deep… sorta Episode 8&9 thoughts

So were getting close to wrapping up on this first season, and honestly I thought this would only be one season. So fuck me because I don’t think I can take another season of this show. Sense8 is probably the most luke warm show that tries to be a thing that I’ve ever seen. I would compare it to Lost but considering I’ve never seen Lost I don’t think that’s quite fair. But I feel in the same rights as Lost, this show tries to follow the same tone and message. So get ready because Sense8 gets deep.

Sun Jail Fight

But first let me pat myself on the back for calling this out. Sun beat the crap out of some bitches who didn’t expect for their prey to be as weak as the usually like it. And to put a cherry on top Sun got in this fight mainly for helping someone who was too timid to help themselves. Seems like a good way to reincorporate whats going on between the sensates, right? Like I said Sense8 gets deep.

A lot did happen in episode eight but it’s so hard to point out what I think is important especially since there are so many characters and so many things going on. But other than Suns fight I think talking about how the plot is moving along is always an important part to hit. So lets hit it.

Shit gets real

Now while the context of Sense8 gets deep, the story is gets real. What sort of real is kind of too early to say. But things are progressing nicely. Finally our big bad is showing up at least a few times in every episode. Our main characters are starting to learn more about him and what his motives may be. But still it seems like it’s just Nomi and Will that are having to deal with him. Well and also Riley but that stuff happens in episode nine. I mean you would think that a guy who can project his presence to any sensate would have people positioned where he can at least keep tabs on the cluster he’s going after. Although he might be and we just don’t know it yet. Which would be stupid to have a cheap card like that hidden this late in the game.

And lastly for episode eight Riley and Will make out, while feeling. Which seems a little weird to me, but whatever. Riley and Will Kiss


Episode nine is where, I hate to repeat myself again but Sense8 gets deep. Deeper in fact compared to almost all other episodes. And this amount of deep I like. To start, the title of this episode is “death Doesn’t let you say Goodbye” so by that title you can guess that this episode will be about loss. But before I get into that part let’s get into all the foreshadowing in this episode. Because there is a lot.

Cluster sense8


It seems the person who casted Riley aside was just trying to protect her because she knew she is a sensate. Now by the way this lady talks it seems that this might be a hereditary thing, which could shed some light later but for now its just something to stick in our back pocket. So we also find out that she used to work for the guy after them, and gives her what little cryptic information that she can. I mean seriously when is someone going to be straight forward and seriously help before something bad happens? No wonder this previous cluster had so many problems, they’re all assholes. Anyway we also get a hint of bad blood when the woman talking to Riley warns her about Jonas. Now nowhere so far in the show has Jonas seemed like a bad guy so I’m forced to assume that this bitch is the bad one, and is just lying. But the show treats it like a big reveal which is making me worried. I don’t like change in character motive to be so out of the blue. I’d like at least some hints.

Lastly she sees that Riley and Will are starting to get affectionate with each other and strongly opposes people within the same cluster being intimate. Don’t really know why but it seems she might have been hurt by someone in her own cluster whom she thought she loved. Maybe the main bad guy, but that’s just speculation. But to counteract this ladies negativity is Jonas preaching on how he feels that loving another sensate is the purest form of love and lets you lay everything bare and be okay with that. Which is a cool concept, seeing people would never do it on their own, it’s a good way to sort of justify this evolutionary step in humanity. A way to clearly see why this change can be good for us.  I like that, justifying things. Do more of that.

Past Scars Sense8

As for the deep stuff I’ve promised most of it is talked about between two groups. Riley and Capheus, and Nomi and Lito. Now I’m not gonna go into everything they talk about I’m just going to hit the main idea they are going for and how I feel they executed it. They talk a lot about loss and regret. Feelings that they were afraid to act on in the past and have been eating away at them ever since. This is interesting since the ever since their emergence as sensates they have been kind of reborn. So it plays with that logic that it may be time to let things go. Which is one new theme incorporating on one of the cornerstone themes, awesome! They also talk about how sometimes you have to fight for what you want to be in this world. The fact that you may want to be something different doesn’t really make you special or the people who disapprove of you not special. We’re all just people who have to try our best and be who we want to be. This overall is a good message and I think the way Nomi delivers it to Lito when he needs to hear it most, accompanied with her stellar delivery and painful flashback, make it a very emotional scene.

Sense8 may look from the outside to have the density of a collapsed star, but once you start digging, it gets really simple. And thats not a bad thing. I think at this point of the show the tone has been set and has fully strayed away for being preachy. Which is good considering the show is about being an individual. If they were trying to convert people to a way of thinking it would go against that principle. But thankfully it hasn’t gone back and doesn’t show any signs of doing so. So all-in-all the future is looking bright and I can’t wait to see what happens in the climax of this season.

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