Sense8 Finale Thoughts

Well it’s finally over. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t had fun writing these reviews for this rollercoaster of a show. But I sure am glad to be done with it. Not particularly because I didn’t like this show, but because this show just took it out of me. Which is a good thing. So with all that buffer out-of-the-way let’s get into the Sense8 finale. That is season finale, I heard they have at least four more under contract.

young will

They start of the episode with something I think most of the viewers have been waiting to be fleshed out. Will is in a therapy session talking about how he can see the girl who is missing. The therapist of course doesn’t believe him and tells him by lying it hurts the people around him. This scenes satisfying in a number of ways. The first is obvious because it gives us some good character development and justifies the actions that Will is about to take. The other is a look at how society sees people who claim to have special abilities. They are often seemed as crazy and liars. I think that was important to show since most of the characters dealing with the sensates so far have been very accepting.

Riley's baby

As for the whole coma trauma going on with Riley, it’s not quite compelling enough for me. And I really tried to get into it considering I love Rileys character. But it just seemed to be there for the sake of trauma. Maybe a little development. But we already got that when she talked to Capheus in the graveyard. We really don’t need it here and especially in this big of an amount. Also these real birth scenes are getting old real fast. I know that it’s a miracle and all, but I don’t need to see that.

And continuing from the last episode, Wolfgang continues his rampage on his family and storms the house taking out everyone and everything. Plenty of cool effects are sure to be seen in this scene, but that’s about it. So the only question for Wolfgang is what he will do now. He said something earlier about going to India, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Now this whole sensate ability is seeming to fall on itself. I thought Jonas said that you can’t just make it happen, you have to let it happen. So how can they just all come into the scene when they are needed for a specific skill? What about that time Capheus tried to get help from Sun? It certainly looks cool seeing them all help Mission Impossible their way in, but it just seems kinda cheap in how easy it is. There is never really any tension on whether Wills going to make it in or not.

will mysteries

So as you’d imagine they get out basically unscathed with the only hiccup being that Will locked eyes with Mysteries. Which means that they’re connected now. So then another question pops up. Do you not have any control over who is seeing what you are? If not, it’s almost like your mind is being raped. But whatever, now they’re screwed because wherever they go, whispers will know exactly where Will is.  And while this is just good for the show in general to have an increase in stakes, I feel that it will be hard to write around this advantage in future episodes. Or they will just gouge Wills eyes out and make him blind.

best couple

So the Sense8 finale was pretty good for the most part. Sure it had problems but I feel those problems equate to the show as a whole and not just this episode. Actually I thought that this was one of the better episodes. Which it should be considering that it’s the episode that will decide if you wait however many months for the next season. As for me, well… I think I’ll have to let the Sense8 finale sit with me a little longer before deciding. I also might wanna go back and watch some things over again. But I went into this show wanting something interesting and that’s certainly what I got. So while I don’t necessarily feel like I wasted my time, I’m skeptic on wanting to continue any further with this show.

But I’m also very fickle, so I could change my mind.

Logan Peterson
Logan Peterson
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