Sense8 episode 4&5 thoughts (I guess its getting good)

The reason I am doing two episodes at a time now is that Sense8 is so much more slow and shallow than I initially thought. So I’ve decided to, while still taking in all the show has to say, do it in a more quick fashion. Also because like nothing happened in episode 4. And unlike my last three Sense8 episode articles I won’t be giving a recap about what happened. I’ll just be going over my thoughts about the episodes. If you want a refresher for episode 4 and 5 here are links to the episode description. And no they’re not just short for brevity sake, nothing important almost ever happens in this show.

Sense8 Episode descriptions

So like I said episode 4 is a real bore for most of its run. And while I am being a little harsh because there are certainly things that happen that pertain to the plot in this episode, it just feels like stuff that has been a long time coming. It’s not satisfying, it’s just like, “Finally!”

sense8 plot


So once Will is able to meet with Jonas, using his ability, we get to learn quite a bit about being a sensate. And since I wrote in my last article about how we desperately needed some explanation, this is a good scene. But again, I feel we needed it long ago and the only reason I liked it is because almost nothing happens. A good way to describe this show is like a parent keeping the bucket of ice cream away from their kid. They only give him a scoop every now and then because they know if they give him the whole bucket he’ll eat it all and get a stomach ache. Well this show is the parent, the ice cream is the plot, and I’m the kid. So just give the damn ice cream already! I don’t care if I get a stomach ache, because at least its better than waiting around for someone to give me the ice cream. But anyway, the way Jonas explains things isn’t too convoluted and gets straight to the point, which is nice. I also like how he brings up Nomi again and kind of scolds Will for still not doing anything about it.

Speaking of Nomi she finally gets out of the hospital after being heavily sedated. Somehow Will takes over her body and finds enough strength and where with all to get out of the hospital where Nomi’s girlfriend is waiting for her. Kinda convenient but forgivable. I’ll explain the main reason I like this scene at the end of the article.

Sense8 karaoke

Also there’s a nice, but pointless, scene where Wolfgang sings a song and Riley is listening to the same some. And then every sensate starts to sing along. Even Nomi who is the process of being drugged. I think its suppose to symbolize togetherness, but honestly there really is no evidence for that, so this scene doesn’t really hold the weight it could. I mean only two at this point have actually spoken to each other.

Episode 5 on the other hand I really liked and mainly for a key scene that has been on my mind since I watched it. But before I get to that I just need to rant a little.

plot convenience sense8

Nomi’s girlfriend is way to accepting of all things crazy. She just thinks everything will be sunshine and rainbows if they’re together. And thinking about consequences are stupid. She also has this horrible speech comparing supernatural anomalies to choices people make. Now I get why she was comparing them but if you take even a few seconds to think about it, the whole idea falls apart. I was kind of insulted because this speech is played to be eye-opening and inspirational, but clearly is half-baked and not well thought out at all. Just another excuse to show how strong these two people are to be living the way they are. We get it! They’re gay girls, one of which who used to be a man, get on with it!

Sense8 development


Anyway getting to the scene I loved. Capheus and Sun see each other walking and eventually meet up. Now keep in mind they are still in their home countries and only seeing each other through their ability. But the conversation they have here gives a lot of importance to the ability itself. Now what I mean by that is in a lot of stories there are MacGuffins that only exist to expand the plot forward and serve little purpose on whats actually going on in the story. If this doesn’t make sense to you then I think you should look up the difference between plot and story. Because they are two different things. But anyway now sensing isn’t just fuel for the plot, its directing things that are happening in the story. It has meaning to these characters. Sun is facing a decision and without this ability Capheus couldn’t be able to help her in her conflict. Sun gets to do a little of character development because she is able to talk to him through their ability. That’s why I liked the scene where Nomis escaped so much. And the scene where Capheus fights off the guys who stole his moms medicine. Their abilities are being used to progress the story instead of just being in service of the plot, which is nice, and I approve. Do more of that Sense8!


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