Sense8 Episode 2 Thoughts (Come on Already!)

So second episode of Sense8 and still little to nothing has happened. I mean honestly people, these are hour-long episodes. Now this is an exaggeration, of course stuff happens, but there is probably only ten minutes devoted to actually developing the story. So if you can’t tell already I didn’t like this episode… So let’s get into it.

First of all I’d like to point out that Sun (Korean business woman) and Chaephus (Nigerian truck driver) literally have two seconds of screen time. Which would be okay but last episode they barely had any either. Most of this episode is devoted to Nomi (trans girl) Brian (Chicago cop) and Lito (Mexican Movie star).

So lets start with Brian. Apparently the woman who committed suicide and started this whole sensation these people are getting killed herself in a rundown church in Chicago. So Brian is busy trying to convince his partner that a crime went down and its related to these weird things that have been happening. We also get a really good scene where he is visiting the kid who got shot the previous episode, and Brian spills his past as a child delinquent. Which I thought was really good. A way to give a little character development and have it relate to whats going on and to help us better understand where he’s coming from. All-in-all I think Brian is my favorite character. But that might be because we’ve had the most time with him. He has a good heart and feels like its his obligation to do right where the people who came before him did wrong. And I think it’s handled really well. The show doesn’t try to win you over to his ideals, but it lets you at least understand them because it’s a part of his character.


As for Nomi, I just feel like her whole story is a big whine-fest. She’s a victim of society and her parents, and people just need to realize who she is and be okay with that. Now while everything she stands for is mostly fine, I do have a problem with the way the show presents it. As opposed to Brain’s ideals, when Sense8 deals with Nomi its pretty obvious that the show itself is taking a stance on the whole LGBTQ community. And while not wrong to do so, feels misplaced in a show where there are all these other ideals and you focus on one. It just seems to be more pandering to whats hot and topical. But things are happening with her which will hopefully move the story forward. After seeing the Indian dude from the opening scene, she passes out and winds up in a hospital. There the doctor tells her about her brain problems and how it will require surgery. We also get a very poorly acted scene between her and her mother, but I’d rather not talk about it. Anyway, there is this sort of devious feel behind this hospital and it seems like there are people who know who these people are and are hunting them.

And I went back and checked and found out the Indian guy was with the lady who gave, like birth to these eight and is on like a mission to help them. I don’t know how I forgot but I had to go back and check. The room was very ill lit anyway so it was hard to tell regardless. His name is Jonas BTW.

Lito the secretly gay movie-star gets harassed by a fellow actress and she finds out he’s gay. And its pretty funny because she isn’t surprised by it, she’s actually interested in helping him keep his way of living a secret. Its fun and Lito is really suave and proud of the situation. And if they’re trying to show a comparison between him and Nomi and how they deal with their sexual differences I totally approve. Also he’s such a cool actor, taking selfies with his fans!

Lito Sense8

Kala (the Indian girl) gets some more time being depressed about marrying a guy that she doesn’t want to. We also get more of them sensing things the others are feeling and as opposed to the first episode, most of them in this episode are played for laughs. Its almost just turned into a thing these people have but they go on with their lives as normal.

We do get to see Jonas slowly start to approach each of the Sensates and kind of tell them whats going on. But he does it really cryptically. Like to the point to where there really is no reason he can’t tell them what going on, except for the fact that the writers don’t want them to know yet. This guy is kind of a dick. Also he sort of causes Brian to crash his car.

Sense8 still isn’t bad but it is starting to feel really trying. And that usually puts me off to a show. But there are enough good nuggets to where I don’t hate the show yet. Hopefully watching Sense8 doesn’t turn into a hate watch where I’m just ripping it apart… Actually that might already be what its become. But whatever, we’ll see. Like always I want to hear what you have to think about the show and how you view it, and all the ways I am wrong about this show. And you know, you can comment if you agree with me too. It’s all welcome.

Logan Peterson
Logan Peterson
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