Secret Avengers #27 Captain Marvel Goes on the attack

Secret Avengers #27

Story By: Rick Remender

Art By: Renato Guedes

Rick Remender and Renato Guedes tie in to Avengers vs X-Men could stand as a solid event story on it own. Chances are if you’ve looked at any comic book sites you’ve seen that Remender has brought back the original Captain Mar-Vell  to current continuity to be the Kree and the Supreme Intelligences Champion once more.

After the teams run in last issue with the Phoenix Force they are left battered and damaged and Captain Marvel uses his ties to The Protector and Ms. Marvel to take the remaining Avengers down. While the reasons and motivations for Mar-Vell’s turn back to the Kree are a mystery Remender does a fine job giving the reader definitie misdirection with  Mar-Vell as he explains his last moments to the reader. If anyone has read Jim Starlin’s fantastic Death Of Captain Marvel story you know that his recollection of his death is way different from how it originally played out.

As always Remender does a great job establishing touching moments between character on the team. Whether it’s a quiet moment between Thor and Captain Britain or something more comical between War Machine , Valkyrie and the always sarcastic Beast Remender’s dialogue never disappoints.

Renato Guedes amazing recreation of the final pages from The Death of Captain Marvel

Another area that never disappoints is Renato Guedes artwork. From the opening pages of art showing Mar-Vell on his deathbed as Thanos smiles. Following those pages Guedes throws countless beautiful pages of art at the reader. I love his attention to facial expressions and character work. With the exception of his design of Beast everything he does is on point from start to finish.

Remender and Guede’s have the rare opportunity to create a tie in story that’s has more impact than A vs. X itself. I have had more fun reading these last two issues of Secret Avengers than i have Avengers Vs X-Men and that’s largely due to Remender’s love for character development and his ability to take an older character and make him feel fresh and relevant again. Remender continues to demonstrate why hes one of the most talented writers working today and Id gladly take another team book from him to read in between the wait for Secret Avengers and Uncanny X Force. I can’t wait for the next issue.

Review Score: 8/10

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