Scream TV Series: Return Of The Slasher

MTV’s ‘Scream’ Is The Horror Re-Invention We Need

Horror has been stuck with zombies and the paranormal for years now. MTV’sScream‘ series is changing that by bringing back the slasher genre.

The second season started on May 30th as we are thrusted into the horrors of Lakewood. Last season, the small town was turned upside-down with murders. The six teens that were all involved have been dealing with it in different ways since.

In the middle of the chaos is Emma Duval, who last season’s killer was targeting. She’s a doe-eyed final girl with some major PTSD. She’s been attacked & tormented by a masked killer with a deep connection to her. Now, she’s trying to ease back into a “normal” life. If only it could be that simple for her and the “Delinquent Six”…

Thankfully, it seems like punk badass Audrey Jensen is having some spotlight this season. Her character was involved in a major cliffhanger in the first season finale so it looks like we will dive deeper into that. Will her secret come out due to her best friend Noah Foster digging deeper into the Lakewood Ghostface killings?

There’s also an influx of new characters like new sheriff Miguel Acosta and his super creepy son Gustavo. Also, there is Zoe Vaughn. Sure she’s beautiful but I don’t trust her. This show & the franchise as a whole has taught me to not trust anyone.


What this show does well is stay deeply rooted in horror culture like the Scream film franchise but also stay relevant to this era. ‘Scream 4‘ was a good attempt but the television format allows for the show to remain fresh. Horror has always been a reflection of society in the moment so with banter about podcasts or YouTube prank videos, ‘Scream‘ TV can change as our culture changes.

The story is also intricate. The first season brought a lot of questions but very little answers. As season two starts, some questions are answered while more are posed. This layered plot is weaved together with beautiful visuals and enough horror references to make even Wes Craven proud.

Sure the acting can be a bit much at times but what teen scream doesn’t have that? For me, if ‘Scream‘ can up the blood and guts just a little bit more…this could be a true renaissance for the horror genre.

Tune in to ‘Scream‘ Mondays at 11pm on MTV! 


EJ Moreno
EJ Moreno
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