Scout Comics Announces New 2019 Series in METALSHARK BRO!

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As if the thought of murderous sharks wasn’t enough, now they are summoned by demons and love heavy metal, in 2019’s anticipated series, Metalshark Bro!, from Scout Comics.

The upcoming series will arrive in 2019 from the creative team of Bob Frantz, Kevin Cuffe, Walter Ostlie and Shawn Greenleaf.

The setting of the story is off the coast of Bali, where sharks are actively looking for a meal. Beelzbra, the nephew of Satan, throws a wrench in mother nature’s plans by turning one of them into a murderous anthropomorphic shark. Wanting nothing more than to be turned back into the happy, swimming shark he was, Metalshark Bro!, must first seek out nine cursed souls on behalf of the demon, before being changed back.

“At its very core, Metalshark Bro!, is a tale of honor,” said Franz. “Far too often, those who are lacking in honor get ahead by stepping-over or selling-out anyone for even the smallest taste of success. This mentality may lead to some victories, but they’re short lived. The tale of Metalshark Bro! shows that enduring the harder, more honorable path can be longer and far more brutal. But it’s a path that teaches friendships, valuable lessons, real honor and a whole lot of heavy metal! We are incredibly excited to be part of the Scout team and look forward to working together.”

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For more information regarding this upcoming series or any other Scout titles, please contact Publisher James Pruett at: [email protected]

Check out both covers for the first issue, including interiors of the first five pages, below.


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