Few shows will have an ending this good. EVER.
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‘Samurai Jack’ Ends

Samurai Jack faces Aku in the final showdown between good versus evil.

They are good endings, bad endings, and endings which fall in the meh category. Then there are the endings you think about for a long time after because they are so powerful to you. This is the final episode of Samurai Jack. Excellent but bitter in a way which will be remembered for a while.

This episode truly became the culmination of everything which came before it. Old friends returned to help in a moment which feels like when reinforcements arrived in Return of the King and the turn of the battle is palpable. It’s a rollercoaster ride which you never want to get off of. An experience you can hardly describe because you know do so would be a disservice.

In the end, you are treated with a moment of great joy and heartbreak. A finale which makes you wish events would turn out differently. Where you want to forget logic so a new ending can occur. It will not be mentioned any further here as it is too good to spoil. Still its sincere. It Immediately forms a place in your heart and you will be to feel the glorious emotional pain in your chest as you think of hours later. As I tweeted out after watching this episode:

In summary: Go watch this episode. A full season review will be up soon but if you have taken the time to read the review this far you should know, it will filled with nothing but praise. Samurai Jack returned, left a mark which few have been able to follow, and ended in a way truly fitting of a warrior of bushido: Full of Honor and Glory.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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Few shows will have an ending this good. EVER. 'Samurai Jack' Ends