Jessica Lange To Play Joan Crawford In New Ryan Murphy Show

Ryan Murphy Answers My Prayers! Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon To Play Joan Crawford & Bette Davis!

Somehow ‘Glee‘ & ‘American Horror Story‘ creator Ryan Murphy must be reading my journal. For years, I’ve wanted the infamous feud between screen legends Joan Crawford and Bette Davis to be showcased.

It looks like in 2017, my dreams are coming true!

Another anthology series from the TV-genius; ‘Feuds‘ will showcase “bouts and blows of epic conflicts”. The first season’s epic feud will be between Joan Crawford & Bette Davis. The two actresses worked together on the film ‘Whatever Happened To Baby Jane‘ and attempted to make each other lives hell.

The last time I’ve saw an adaption of Joan Crawford was the cult-classic “Mommie Dearest” so I’m happy to see the original diva get another chance to shine. I’m a huge fan of Jessica Lange; look for this to be another show-stealing role for her. This will be one of the first times anyone has played Bette Davis on-screen and I think Susan Sarandon is the perfect actress for the role.

This 8-episode mini-series titled ‘Feuds‘ will debut sometime in 2017. It will also star Alfred Molina (as director Robert Aldrich), Judy Davis (as famed gossip columnist Hedda Hopper), and Stanley Tucci (as studio head Jack Warner).

Are you looking forward to this new Ryan Murphy show on FX?


EJ Moreno
EJ Moreno
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