‘Rick and Morty’ Season 3, Episode 2 Review: Rickmancing the Stone

Rickmancing the Stone Thrusts Rick And Morty Fans Back Into The Mayhem

Returning to the world of Rick and Morty is a daunting task. The show has more inside jokes and references than the entirety of 30 Rock. This type of humor & storytelling can hit or miss as it’s hard for fans to fall into such a serialized cartoon. What the newest episode “Rickmancing the Stone” does so well is work well on its own, but still progresses the insane narrative. Unlike the season premiere that was a continuation of last season, this episode isn’t bogged down by that. It follows the story set-up in the premiere but can be accessed by casual and die-hard fans alike.


When it comes to homaging popular culture, Rick and Morty creator Dan Harmon does it so well. “Rickmancing the Stone” is another example of the brilliance. Not only is the title of the episode from a classic 80’s film, but it draws inspiration from the action-adventure genre. Most of the parodying focus being on the Mad Max franchise. This aesthetic works well for the show’s Rolodex of references. The episode touches on Fury Road and Thunderdome. It even finds a way to mock Game of Thrones of the same night it airs.

“One Man Enters, One Man Comes Out in 9 Months”

Following the departure of her father Jerry, Summer is desperate to leave. Rick, Morty, and Summer rush to a post-apocalyptic world, and it doesn’t go well. Rick finds another random McGuffin that he needs, so he gets every into more trouble than needed. Things get bad when he steals the green rock, but it isn’t made any better with a new callous Summer. She’s having a character makeover from a simple “valley girl” to giving Rick a run for his money. Is it because of the divorce of her parents or is there something more happening?

Same goes for Morty who is cracking under pressure more than usual. He’s taking his anger out on anyone who crosses him, and it is deeper than his father drama. There is no way Morty can keep it up much longer without doing something he will regret. It will make for great television but could spell the doom for Rick.

Final Thoughts:

No one can knock the ability Rick and Morty has to tell continuously one-up itself and still exist in an expansive universe. Each episode seems wilder than the previous, and that rings true for “Rickmancing the Stone.”

Walking away from “Rickmancing the Stone,” one of the biggest developments is Summer’s place within the Rick and Morty’s relationship. She’s a great addition but doesn’t take away from what makes the show great. There is something that seems off and could unfold in later episodes. Does it have something to do with Tammy and Phoenix Person?

Also, next Sunday is the debut of Pickle Rick so, away we go!

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