Monkeys Fighting Robots

In a crossover, no one (or everyone depending on how hopefully you are) saw coming, Rick and Morty embark on a grand adventure of playing Dungeons and Dragons. Is the issue a natural 20 or a critical miss?


Rick and Morty play Dungeons and Dragons. Seriously bro do you need any more of an introduction?


Patrick Rothfuss and Jim Zub approach the issue with a slow build up which throws the reader off guard to when the comedy finally shows up. The book starts off flat and bland. It reads like a commercial comic from the 80s where everyone is into the product except for the main character. Here it’s Morty who doesn’t know what Dungeons and Dragons is, until he searches, and finds out it might help get him laid. The book seems as it had utterly wasted potential it could have explored. Then Rick shows up, realizes Morty wants to learn how to play D & D, and it’s as if the light switch connected to the comedy was flipped. When the comedy does arrive, Zub and Rothfuss nail it. The rest of the issue is overflowing with gut-busting comedy.



The art by Troy Little finds a way to capture the look of the characters in the show perfectly. Rick and Morty look closer to their animated counterparts than some of the designs from the main comic series. At the same time when the characters are drawn in their D & D personas, the art doesn’t detract, and it reads like a natural progression.

The color work by Leonardo Ito aids with capturing the look of the show. Everything from the color of Rick’s portal to the alien creatures they encounter is able to find a perfect call back to the show.

The lettering by Robbie Robbins is astonishingly good. Thanks to the use of timing and style, the comedy is tight and the moments of action flow smoothly. Also, some impressive use of very bizarre sound effects to help what is happening in different panels.


Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons and Dragons finds a way to perfectly capture not only the humor of the show but the perfect synergy of two great properties crossing over. If you are a fan of Rick and Morty and can’t wait for a new episode, then you owe it to yourself to pick up this issue and leave with a smile. You’re welcome, bro.

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