Review: Wolverine #306 – The Doctor Is In

Wolverine #306
Writer: Cullen Bunn
Art: Paul Pelletier [Penciler], David Meikis with Cam Smith [Inkers], Rain Beredo [Colorist]

Wolverine tracks down Dr. Rot as a federal manhunt, believing Logan responsible for a nationwide killing spree, closes in on him.

The Feds search for answers at the Jean Grey School For Higher Learning, where Kitty Pryde and Rachel Grey are still trying to find answers themselves. Later, pressing Logan’s ex-girlfriend Melita Garner for information in New York, she finally mentions Dr. Rot. Meanwhile, Wolverine is tracking the sadistic doctor down using files from Dunwich, uncovering more grisly scenes and disturbing individuals along the way.

Cullen Bunn continues a solid first arc on Wolverine, fleshing out Dr. Rot’s past–something that wasn’t really covered during Jason Aaron’s introduction of the villain in Wolverine: Weapon X #6-9. Rot is a villain who works because he gets inside Logan’s head and takes advantage of the worst parts of him, so it’s interesting to start to see a little bit of what makes him tick. Like last issue, it’s good to see the Jean Grey School continue to have a presence in this book, as well.

Rounded out by the same high-quality art that keeps the ultra-violence popping off the pages, this is another stellar issue of Wolverine for Bunn to add to his list of achievements. After being introduced to his work with these last two issues of Wolverine, his assist to Rick Remender on Venom, and the Free Comic Book Day preview of his Spider-Man: Season One graphic novel, here’s hoping Marvel keeps him around for a while.

STORY: 9/10
ART: 9/10

Roger Riddell
Roger Riddell
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