Charles Soule and Scott Snyder's narrative offers a near-perfect parallel to the current states of affairs in the United States.

Review: UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY #8 — Uniformity Or Unity?

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UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY #8, hitting comic book stores on Wednesday, September 23, follows our protagonists into a new section of the dystopian United States. Readers see the characters confronted with two important concepts: unity and uniformity. Unfortunately, it seems the new country confuses the two concepts—much like its real world version.


The issue opens with our group of protagonists finding “Uncle Sam” in Zone Two, which is now named “Unity.” What’s odd is the fact that Sam was murdered just days before.

Before they can get an answer out of him, the group is attacked by menacing technological devices sprouting from the ground itself.

Side-stepping the group’s questions, the cryptic figure leads them to the formal city of Unity. Interestingly enough, the entire metropolis appears to be built with the same material as the attacking machines from earlier.

Despite the dubious nature of the city, we see many of the protagonists getting caught up in its “beauty.” But it’s clear that a world such as this, deprived of any diversity, only celebrates “sameness.”

Charles Soule and Scott Snyder’s narrative offers a near-perfect parallel to the current states of affairs in the United States. Much like Unity, our world seems to believe it necessary to ensure everyone is the same in order to unite.


The issue’s penciling and ink work, courtesy of Giuseppe Camuncoli and Leonardo Marcello Grassi, Matt Wilson’s coloring, and Crank!’s lettering capture the existential tone of this issue. The highly detailed drawings of our protagonists showcase their fear and curiosity upon running into the futuristic version of Uncle Sam. We find them placed against a dark backdrop in a forest, signifying the unknown slowly surrounding them. This also serves to place more emphasis on the characters. In the scene where the group is attacked by strange technological grips, the onomatopoeia letters are cast in blood red with squiggled borders to seem like it’s part of the injured people themselves.


The overall story told in UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY #8 offers a sobering take at the state of America. We are enthralled by the creators’ ability to use science fiction to convey realistic concepts.

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