The bond between Ultraseven and Dan Moroboshi is aided by some impressive color work.

Review: ULTRAMAN: MYSTERY OF ULTRASEVEN #2 – Dan And Ultraseven Bond

Ultraman: Mystery of Ultraseven #2 continues to unveil the mysteries introduced in the first issue. The questions surrounding what really happened with Dan Moriboshi are addressed. This latest installment in this entertaining mini-series comes thanks to Kyle Higgins and Mat Groom (writing), Davide Tinto (art), Espen Grundetjern (coloring) and VC’s Ariana Maher (lettering).


Shin’s powerless and trapped in the lion’s den. With the walls closing in, all hope rests on unravelling the decades-long mystery that led the USP to this point. How is it related to a galactic conspiracy, how can Dan Moroboshi still be alive…and why is Ultraseven menacing Japan?



The second issue takes the time to finally show Dan Moroboshi and Ultraseven bond as they try to get through a terrible situation together. Unlike Shin and Ultraman where the relationship was more about the overall mystery of what the Ultras, the relationship between Dan and Ultraseven has less of a hurdle of trust to get over. The pair have no choice but to work together to survive and its a treat to witness.

Kyle Higgins and Mat Groom offer a great tone which offers an atmosphere to address the mysteries but keeps a great sense of suspense. This comes to a head as Shin and Kiki find they have to take drastic measures and face the wrath of Executive Director Morheim. In a way which may cost them much more than their jobs in the USP.



The art by Davide Tinto offers some intense action as Ultraseven and Dan work to survive in Kaiju Limbo. It also offers a great flow to the action as the pair fight against various monsters. Unfortunately a few of the panels feature some extreme facial expressions which distract more than they help the flow of the story.

The coloring work by Espen Grundetjern enhances the atmosphere of the issue and helps draw the reader in. It also helps with showing Dan as a projection of himself while he is merged with Ultraseven. It also helps with panels where the power is cut in USP headquarters and everything is shown through night vision.


The lettering by VC’s Ariana Maher helps to direct the story from panel to panel. The attention to placement of the sound effects adds an auditory experience of the issue without distracting from the action scenes. The scenes where the monsters roar but the monsters themselves are still incredibly intimidating are the best example of this.


Ultraman: The Mystery of Ultraseven #2 continues to be a fantastic read thanks to the mystery and suspense. The bond between Ultraseven and Dan proves to be an important and enjoyable aspect of the story. It will be interesting to see where things go from here and due to the overall quality of the book, readers will definitely be coming back for more.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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The bond between Ultraseven and Dan Moroboshi is aided by some impressive color work. Review: ULTRAMAN: MYSTERY OF ULTRASEVEN #2 - Dan And Ultraseven Bond