REVIEW: Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #51: Rising Tension

“If you want to break someone — mentally, physically, emotionally — wait until they’re happy. Let them live and love and thrive. Once they recognize the value of a life well lived… THAT’S when you move in for the kill. Because you can’t take anything from someone who has nothing to lose.” –Tarn

Picking up after the previous issue, the team is stranded on a planet with the Decepticon Justice Division baring down on them. Luckily, the Division’s leader Tarn decides to back off and let them suffer by saying they will be back at sunset. The team has no choice but to take inventory and assess the situation and it’s while they take stock of where they stand the issue starts to soar.

They find a way off the planet but find the basement is full of innocents in stasis pods. The team has no choice but to stay behind to protect them. Through this need to protect more of the explanation behind Megatron’s evolution and recent behavior is revealed. He has been experiencing the cries of organics when they are in pain and it has helped him to understand there isn’t such a big gap between cybernetic and biological life. His change from being the supreme villain of the series to a sympathetic hero is not only believable but has become one of the highlights of the series.


The art keeps the same intense level of quality is has since the series began. The scenes of destruction and tension wouldn’t succeed as well if not for the exceptional mix of color and shading. The montage scene where Ten is assaulted particularly of note as it conveys the absolute carnage from the beating he receives.

The real surprise in this issues comes from the ending. You won’t find any spoilers here but let’s just say the team might have some backup after all. If you are a Transformers fan this continues to be one the definitive series you should be reading.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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