Few comics this year will leave you with a lasting emotional experience after you read it like Transformers: Lost Light #25.

Review: TRANSFORMERS: LOST LIGHT #25 Ends Perfectly

The final issue of the fan favorite series, Transformers: Lost Light from IDW Comics has been hailed as one of the best Transformers series ever written. After a change in name from Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye to Lost Light and a total of 99 issues (as explained by the writer in the afterward), this 100th issue finally brings the ending the fans have been waiting for. Does it stick the landing? It totally does. There will be no spoilers for this issue. It would be a disservice to such an incredible experience.


It all ends. The crew must deal with the fallout of their quest. It will punch you right in the gut.



Final issues are some of hardest to write. It leaves someone with a lasting impression for a story and characters they put their time and energy into appreciating. If an ending is bad, it can make some feel cheap, as if they have been cheated of their precious time. Then there is the rare ending, one which is so good, it causes the individual to experience such a powerful emotional experience they feel themselves re-energized, enlightened, and even at peace in the world. This is the ending of Transformers: Lost Light. The last installment of a series which meant so much to so many people.

Writer James Roberts shows incredible skill with how the issue plays out. He delivers an ending which will stay with you, hours after you read it. A mixture of happiness, speculation, and grief, which can only be described as pure heartache in the best way possible. Transformers: Lost Light has featured some of the most wonderful plots of not only Transformers but comics in general in recent years.



The uplifting experience of this book would not have succeeded in such a great accomplishment without fantastic art. Jack Lawrence on pencils and inks finds a way to make sure the characters are drawn in a way which resonates with the reader. The crew themselves knows their journey is coming to an end and they are sad to see it happen. Sympathy resonates as goodbyes are said and new journeys begin.

The color work by Joana Lafuente finds a way to tell a story of its own. As goodbyes are said and it appears some are at their lowest point, colors are dull and muted. Later in the issue as it appears as if a few will find happiness, bright and joyful tones are used. It all helps to make sure the rollercoaster ride of drama plays out from page to page.

Tom B. Long is able to aid in the experience with great lettering. The passion is placed perfectly thank to how the drama unfolds beat by beat. Characters are able to more than meets the eye thanks to the fantastic letter work shown throughout this issue.

Not in the issue but it helps summarize the reading experience.


The ending of Transformers: Lost Light leaves a lasting emotional experience which will stay with anyone who has enjoyed reading this series for so many years. Fans may be filled with a sense of emptiness with the book coming to an end but issues like this help to remind the reader why this series such a joy to read month after month. Goodbye crew of the Lost Light. Your journey will live on in the hearts of many forever.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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Few comics this year will leave you with a lasting emotional experience after you read it like Transformers: Lost Light #25.Review: TRANSFORMERS: LOST LIGHT #25 Ends Perfectly