Negan vs Rick is a battle we've been dreaming of and round two was amazing and intense.

Review: THE WALKING DEAD ‘The Key’ A Rick Vs Negan Battle Royale

Tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead ‘The Key’ had several key moments, but we are going to focus on the battle between Rick and Negan.

Rick and Negan bring the thunder Sunday night, as the action was intimate and fast-paced. The setup, the battle, and the aftermath were well written and built significant tension leading up to the season finale.

There will be spoilers below!

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The setup was a tone shift for the series. The Walking Dead is not known for its car chases, but the series took a chance, and it paid off. Negan had his bad-ass car totaled, and his bucket of blood went everywhere. All the pieces were properly placed for they mini-climax when Rick ambushed Negan. The only major critique has to be the green screen work of whoever is driving a car. The special effects are just bad. The cast and crew the series need to find another way to film those shots as the bad green screen work takes the audience out of the moment.

The battle was everything a fanboy or girl could want from an opening round fight. Negan and Rick both got some outstanding action sequences in, but it was Lucille who stole the show. Whoever wrote down, ‘fights the walkers with a flaming bat’ deserves a big-time raise. First off, Rick is the one who gets to take the best swings with the flaming Lucille, but Negan wins it back building the next round of battle. Rick was on a mission during this fight and seriously came in guns blazing using ever skill set he has. Negan was caught off guard by this, and it was interesting to see Negan react to Rick’s bombardment. This round definitely went to Rick.

The aftermath was perfect. Jadis coming to Negan’s rescue was a huge surprise and pumps up the excitement for the next episode. Her character is also the best go-between Rick and Negan. The only other character who could have had more impact who have been Morgan. Jadis and Morgan are wildcards, and now all bets are off, and the audience has no clue what is going to happen to Negan.

‘The Key’ was a very compelling episode, and that is you want from The Walking Dead.

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Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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Negan vs Rick is a battle we've been dreaming of and round two was amazing and intense. Review: THE WALKING DEAD 'The Key' A Rick Vs Negan Battle Royale