A solid issue full of fantastic art and gripping dialogue.

Review: THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #51 – Magical Assistance From Doctor Strange

The Amazing Spider-Man #51, out now from Marvel Comics, is the gripping continuation of the “Last Remains” arc that will not disappoint you.

About the Book:
After Kindred has possessed Spider-Man’s friends, Peter flees to the Sanctum Sanctorum to get assistance from his friend, Doctor Strange. As Silk attacks the Sanctorum, the following conflict results in emotional dialogue that reexamines Peter’s guilt related to Kindred.

The Amazing Spider-Man #51 Dialogue example

The Amazing Spider-Man #51 Story

The Amazing Spider-Man #51 does a phenomenal job of bringing in outside elements of the Marvel Universe. Nick Spencer understands how to do this well, as is evident from previous issues in the series, such as The Amazing Spider-Man #34. It isn’t groundbreaking when this is done, but by bringing in elements that don’t often appear in the series, problems the characters have can be solved in ways that readers might have difficulty foreseeing. Spencer does this in this issue through Spider-Man’s partnership with Doctor Strange. It is an unusual way for Spider-Man to handle a problem, so it is interesting to see.

Spencer also does an amazing job of setting up tense scenes in The Amazing Spider-Man #51. He does this by having the villain communicate with Spider-Man through the possession of one of his friends. The dialogue that results from this scene is captivating, as a dreaded villain can get under our hero’s skin while talking through someone he strongly cares about. This tactic is so effective that the dialogue of the issue has you drawn in from just the first few pages.

The Amazing Spider-Man #51 Color example


Patrick Gleason lets his stunning talent shine in The Amazing Spider-Man #51 and brings the issue to a whole new level it could have never achieved without him. The paneling in the issue is unbelievable. Gleason does not care about breaking the rules, and it pays off tremendously. Through characters extending past panel borders or oddly shaped borders, Gleason helps the reader feel as if they are experiencing the comic book rather than just reading it. This rule-breaking is really allowed to shine when Gleason draws visions due to magic or dreams, and this issue features a stunning case of that.

The Amazing Spider-Man #51 features some beautiful coloring from Edgar Delgado. The entire issue has a vast color palette, with there being never being a bland, single tone for any scene. Magical lights and dream sequences in the issue allow for incredibly fascinating coloring, and Delgado definitely delivers. Delgado also does a brilliant job of setting up contrasts between lights and darks that provides for some captivating art.

The Amazing Spider-Man #51 Art Example

VC’s Joe Caramagna once again provides solid lettering in The Amazing Spider-Man #51. The Bold fonts used for sound effects and captions pairs wonderfully with Gleason’s art and adds depth to the story that would not have been there otherwise.


The Amazing Spider-Man #51 is another gripping issue in the “Last Remains” arc. It features wonderful dialogue, exciting action, and rising tensions as Spider-Man creeps nearer and nearer to his final encounter with Kindred. The story is backed up wonderfully by the art, colors, and lettering, and every page is truly a pleasure to read.

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A solid issue full of fantastic art and gripping dialogue.Review: THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #51 - Magical Assistance From Doctor Strange