Shuizhu's narrative, adapted by Amy Chu, captivates its audience like the greatest epic quest tales of ages past.

Review: SWORD MASTER #10 Provides All The Excitement Of An Action Movie

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SWORD MASTER #10, available in stores on Wednesday, September 2nd, brings our heroes to the temple of the Nü-Wa tribe—one of the three legendary tribes. Ji Shuangshuang, a Nü-Wa descendant, hopes to help Lie unconver more secrets about his ancient sword. But a surprise visit from some rather “rude” guests may alter their plans.


It would be an understatement to say that Lie’s friend Cheng is surprised by the reveal of his status as the Fu Xi Clan’s descendant and master of their legendary sword. The boy’s excitement is quite infectious; rather than exuding any whiff of jealousy, it exemplifies what it means to be a supportive friend.

Unfortunately, when the group reaches the temple, they find it overrun with a demon hoard. What’s more, they’ve taken the form of an undead army!

Watching Lie take on the demons, with the help of a powerful new ally from the Nü-Wa clan, is nothing short of inspiring. We felt like we were witnessing the turning point in a movie—a place where the plot hits its ultimate climax.

Shuizhu’s narrative, adapted by Amy Chu, captivates its audience like the greatest epic quest tales of age past.


Gunji’s penciling, ink work, and coloring is just what the doctor ordered for this action-packed issue. The flowing lines and splashes of bright colors give our heroes shape and generate a convincing sense of movement. In addition, VC’s Travis Lanham’s lettering does a wonderful job of capturing the screaming of the Nü-Wa’s tribe battle orders, helping readers imagine they are present to the story’s events.


SWORD MASTER #10 is a thrilling issue with impressive action scenes. We can’t wait to see what our heroes learn about their undead foes.

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