Review : Swamp Thing #8 : Swamp Thing Unleashes Green Hell on the Rot

Swamp Thing#8

Story By: Scott Snyder

Art By: Yanick Paquette and Marco Rudy

Review Score: 9/10

After a near perfect last issue of Swamp Thing Scott Snyder, Yanick Paquette , and Marco Rudy continue to produce a Dark and engaging comic that stands at the top of DC’s New 52. This issue starts off heavy on the narrative side as Snyder works with Rudy to show the Rot making its way through State after State, killing and claiming victims to add to Sethe’s Army and world of death. Snyder finally gives Sethe a voice warning his Dead Army that Swamp Thing is coming to take everything away from them. It’s an interesting touch that he chose to have the numerous dead speak for him and creates an added sense of fear and despair to each page as his puppets await The new Swamp Thing Alec Holland.

Rudy’s final Splash page provides an amazing reveal of the New Swamp Things Face , not only showing the new touches to Swamp Thing included Moss Covered Wings and a body that’s as much plant as it is Bark, but he uses the panel construction to show you the design and shape of Swampy’s new face. It’s both effective and a great use of the page that continues to show how strong of an artist Rudy has become working alongside Snyder and Paquette. The new and improved Swamp Thing is definitely something unique and fun to look at , and Snyder writes him just on the edge of being heroic an embracing the fury and anger that the Green and Parliament of Trees have for the rest of the world.

Paquette continues to push the boundaries of conventional Page construction with each provided by IGN

While the first half of the issue focuses on setup the last half amps the action up into an all out war between Swamp Thing and Sethe’s army of the Rot . Snyder allows Paquette to do most of the storytelling drawing page after jaw dropping page of interior art as Swamp Thing tears through morbid hybrids of Flesh and animals all of the dead variety. There is a visceral sense of awe you get seeing how much detail gets put into each page and the varied amount of characters on the page. Swamp Thing has come for his love Abby and refuses to stop killing until he gets her back. Unfortunately Swamp Thing he gets his wish , only Abby herself has went through some horrific changes and isn’t herself any more leading to one last beautiful page of art. There aren’t many books made with this much love and attention to detail page after page. If you’re a fan of Horror , Superheroes or comics in general you need to be reading this book.

Mike DeVivo

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