Review: ‘Supergirl’ Episode 15 – Solitude

In this week’s Episode Supergirl goes head to head with Indigo, a version of Brainiac. It’s exciting as Indigo who first appeared in the Teen Titans, makes a fitting adversary for Supergirl. Plus, it was a fun bit of casting having Smallville’s, Supergirl: Laura Vandervoot as Indigo.


Now that I will be reviewing Supergirl I want to be clear that I like the fact that TV finally has a very powerful, very positive female superhero to watch. Melissa Benoit has been nothing short of fantastic in the title role. She switches between the geeky Kara Danvers and the confident Supergirl with ease. Plus there are other strong female characters. Calista Flockhart plays Cat Grant to a tee, making a character that could be very unlikeable, likable. Chyler Leigh has grown into the Alex Danvers role. Oh, it’s a kick seeing David Harewood’s Martian Manhunter.

Still, this first season has certainly had it’s glitches and kinks:

1. The Superman problem. He exists in this world, yet we can never see him. On one hand, that’s okay as this is Supergirl’s story. On the other hand, Superman not showing up is problematic at best when to say a bunch of Kryptonians are invading Earth.

2. Jermey Jordan’s, Winn Schott and Mehcad Brook’s, Jimmy Olsen have been characters searching for their role to play. Certainly they need to do more than pine over Kara. Especially since Jimmy has been in a relationship with Lucy Lane (Jenna Dewan Tatum).

3. The bad guys motives are a little fuzzy.

This episode started with Cat’s new evil (and soon to be more evil) assistant Siobhan Smythe (Italia Ricci) anxious to deliver a very private note to Cat. Even though Kara warned Siobhan that Cat likes her mail to be opened for her. Cat quickly scolds Siobhan for not opening the envelope as it could contain anthrax. Jimmy opens the envelope, and it has a thumb drive from a hacker that will expose a whole bunch of powerful people’s nasty, sexy secrets. Cat though refuses to publish these secrets because Cat has morals and is more interested in doing the right thing than selling papers. (Remember this is a fantasy series.)

Turns out the hacker is the super evil computer, Indigo. Kara, Jimmy, and Winn learn this the hard way when Indigo attacks them through Winn’s computer. She sends Supergirl flying and threatens to kill Jimmy and Winn but for some reason runs away when Hank and Alex show up. Hank ask Kara to come back to the DEO, but she is still angry because she believes Hank killed Astra.

Meanwhile, Indigo and Nan meet, and she complains about being part of an internet that has Candy Crush and tells Nan she’s glad Astra is dead. They exchange a few quips and botSupergirlSolitudeh of them keep their goals kind of vague. We just know something big is coming that will pretty much wipe out anything that’s not from Krypton.

Alex shows up at CatCo but for Winn instead of Kara. They want to use Winn’s super hacking skills. Finally, Winn has a vital role to play on the show; he’s their Felicity. Since Kara no longer has access to the DEO’s knowledge, she and Jimmy head to the Fortress to learn more about Indigo. This has a lot of nifty moments. We learn Kara is supposedly faster than Clark and that she can fairly easily lift a million tons (though I thought the key only weighed 1/2 a million tons). We also get to see the Fortress of Solitude which is cool — only a small pun intended. So cool in fact that it snows inside which is silly. Outside of the inside snow, it’s a great moment for the show and fans. Benoit knocks it out of the park with her sense of wonder and also a bit of angst. We learn she has been invited to the Fortress many times by Clark but never took him up on the offer because she was afraid it would remind her too much of her past on Krypton. A very nice moment as it helps illustrate how Kara is so different from Clark. He was basically raised as a human, she spent her formative years on another planet. While this certainly was a touching moment for the show it was a shame that Superman couldn’t be the one to introduce Supergirl to the Fortress. But such is life these days for the DC TV shows.

Turns out Indigo’s whole plan, well start of a plan, was to gain access via a general’s phone to an “off internet” nuclear silo. Indigo quickly takes control of the silo and gets ready to launch a missile or two. Luckily Supergirl shows up for a fun knockdown drag out fight between Supergirl and super computer. Before Supergirl can kick her e-butt though Indigo launches a nuclear missile at National City. Since there’s no safe way for Supergirl to stop a nuclear warhead without making it go boom she needs to work with Hank to get the “kill codes” so she can deactivate the big bomb. Supergirl racing through the sky in pursuit of a nuclear missile is a great action packed scene, in particular on a TV show budget. Once Supergirl takes the missile out she returns to the silo to finish off Indigo. Before Supergirl can stop her though Indigo reaches through her phone to grab Winn by the throat. Luckily for Winn (and Earth) he has developed a super virus that he downloads into Indigo. Indigo “dies” but not before revealing to Supergirl that she is the reason Kara and the others made it to Earth. It was kind of like an “you owe me”, moment.

Finally, we get a resolution to the “who actually killed Astra dilemma”. Alex unable to bear Kara being so angry at Hank confesses that she is the one who plunged the sword through Astra. Alex let Hank take the blame because she couldn’t risk losing Kara in her life. This turned into a great personal moment as Kara embraced her sister. She even reached out a hand for Hank letting him know he was not only forgiven but appreciated for what he tried to do.

In the epilogue, we see Nan rebuilding Indigo as now he figures she will see things his way. Not really sure if that makes sense, but it’s nice that we will see Indigo again.

Once aspect of this episode I skipped over was the personal relationship stuff. Yes, I know it’s important especially considering the show’s demographics. But this material tends to bog down everything else. The show has had lets call it a “love square” where Lucy is in love with Jimmy who claims he is in love with Lucy but pines for Kara as does Winn (even though he has been friend-zoned) and we have Kara who does have a thing for Jimmy and also has feelings for Cat’s son. It’s all relatively complicated. But such are the ways of the heart, I guess. Things at least cleared up a bit this week with Lucy realizing Jimmy and Kara have eyes for each other even if they don’t know it. Though can’t be sure if that will work in the “long term” considering one of them is a superhuman, best not to think about it. Plus the breakup occurred because Kara was quite inept in her attempts to tell Lucy how much she meant to Jimmy. Showing that despite Kara’s vast power when it comes to ways of the heart she is very naive. Which in a way is part of her charm. Also, Winn and Siobhan seem to be hooking up, kind of, despite all her threats to kill him. Now that should be interesting considering her future as a super villain.

Most fun moment: Kara fantasying about tossing Siobhan into space.

Lamest moment: a soldier in the silo reminding the crazed android that you need two keys to launch the missiles.

Next episode should be fun as we get to see the bad side of Supergirl after she’s exposed to red kryptonite.

John Zakour
John Zakour
John Zakour is a humor / sf/ fantasy writer with a Master's degree in Human Behavior. He has written thousands of gags for syndicated comics, comedians and TV shows (including: Rugrats, The tonight show and, Joan River's old TV show.) John has written seven humorous SF novels for Daw books (the first The Plutonium Blonde was named the funniest SF book of 2001 by The Chronicle of Science Fiction). John has also written three YA books, four humorous self-help books and three books on HTML. John has also optioned two TV shows and three movies. John currently writes his own syndicated comics, Working Daze and Maria’s Day for Universal Press and has a regular following with over 100,000 readers. John currently writes Bart Simpsons comics for Bongo comics. Spacerun, a video game John wrote the story to recently passed 100,000 sales. In the 80s and 90s John was a computer programmer and web guru for Cornell University and was also an EMT and judo instructor.