This comic is a great first issue. It has beautiful art, a fantastic sense of humor, and is just a lot of fun to read. Definitely the best book DC is publishing for kids right now. You owe it to yourself to grab it immediately.

Review: ‘Super Sons #1

Super Sons #1 has been one of DC Rebirth’s most anticipated series. It was delayed, but nicely previewed in the Superman series, and fans were excited to see Jonathan Kent and Damien Wayne partner up. The son of Superman and the son of Batman are ready to step into the spotlight and work together. So how is this first issue for the sons of the most iconic superheroes ever?


Peter J. Tomasi, writer of the Superman series, brings a delightful sense of charm and wit to Robin and Superboy. What’s great about these characters is that, despite their circumstances and abilities, Tomasi writes them as kids. Kids with very different perspectives. Jonathan comes off as overly naive and innocent, while Damien is stubborn and thinks he understands the world. The two work off each other great and have a fun chemistry. We also get to see them in their home environments; juxtaposing the young heroes upbringings. Superman is nurturing and caring; Batman is tough and disciplined. This comic is absolutely a recommendation for kids, as it has a great sense of humor as well as some fun action. The book does dip its toes in a little bit of the Rebirth continuity, but it isn’t overwhelming.


Jorge Jimenez is the artist and Alejandro Sanchez is the colorist for this monthly series, and they could not have been better choices. Jimenez brings a vibrant, dynamic, and stylish approach to the tales of these two young heroes. Each panel pops with color thanks to Sanchez, the action scenes carry a sense of movement, and the whole book feels kid friendly. That certainly isn’t a mark against the book, but rather a highlight. It’s a fantastic style to go for with these characters. Definitely worth a pick up just for the art alone, but the art lends itself brilliantly to the humor and storyline.

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This first issue is an absolute must buy. It’s funny, well thought out, and really goes deep into these wonderful characters. As the introduction to Robin and Superboy, it does everything right. It sets up the most important characters, their relationship, gives the reader an intriguing hook, and then ends on a cliffhanger. This comic cannot be recommended highly enough. Pick it up ASAP and be ready for the start of a great ride for this dynamic duo.

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