Review: ‘Strawberry Shortcake’ #2: A Better Second Helping

Bake off! Strawberry made it through the regional cooking competition and is on her way to Big Apple City, but her struggle to win the prize is just getting started. Ruthless competitor, Steve Piemanne, has more tricks up his rolled-up sleeves planned to put the Purple Pie Shop on top.

The biggest complain with the first issue was the inclusion of modern technology and pop culture references to this franchise. Since some time has past and this awkward concept has had time to settle for the readers, this comic doesn’t seem as forced and really seems to shine. Frankly, the fact customers act like hipsters at Strawberry’s restaurant and then give her a bad ranking on the comic’s equivalent of Yelp is actually pretty funny. The way Georgia Ball writes the characters make them feel much more real and entertaining than their cartoon counterparts.

Strawberry Shortcake

The art still looks good especially as it helps to show all the different challenges Strawberry has to endure thanks to the Purple Pieman. As long as Amy Mebberson can keep the art at this level, this series will do alright. The scenes with the obstacle course on the TV show are particularly amusing thanks to the mixture of art and story. The only downside really is the ending feels a bit predictable but this actually a bit of knitpicking as the issue was enjoyable overall and really seemed to find a voice.

The team has found a pretty good mix of comedy and visuals which will definitely be appealing to fans of the series but also offers something for those who enjoy humor in their comics. This series will probably become a must read for younger audiences but there are jokes older fans will enjoy as well. Though it’s first issue wasn’t a must read, the second issue is able to stick the landing with the two part story. From here fans will actually find themselves being able to enjoy the storylines and will look forward to more issues to come.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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