Review: ‘Steven Universe’: The New Crystal Gems: Too New To Be Good

Monkeys Fighting Robots

Connie looks after Beach City while Steven is busy.

Finally, the premise which was set up weeks ago arrives. While Steven was gone, Connie, Peridot, Lapis Lazuli, and Pumpkin had no choice but to step up and save the city. Unfortunately, the city doesn’t exactly need saving. Which is good because the team probably wouldn’t have been effective anyways.

How this episode plays out feels like a bit of a let down until you really think about it. Frankly, the fans expected too much. When they heard the setup of these characters coming together while the man team was away (they end up calling themselves “The Crystal Temps”) many imaged it would be epic. Like this would be the chance for them to finally show of Connie’s training and why it was a good idea to let Peridot and Lapis hang out around the barn. Instead what fans got is the group clumsily trying to work together to complete a basic task because they don’t have any experience as a team. Lapis doesn’t even remember Connie when she first sees her. There was too much hype behind this one and little pay off.

It’s not without its perks. The group recreating the original opening is cute enough and seeing more of the sentient dog like Pumpkin is adorable. Still, what fans really want and will keep hoping for until it pays off is to finally see the Lapis and Peridot perform fusion.

Ever since it was revealed the two would be sharing living space in the episode Barn Mates, fans have been hoping ever episode since will feature their fusion. Regrettably, it’s been over a year ago since the two became roommates and fans are almost giving up hope. Maybe they should. Frankly, it’s the episode which have little build up which usually turn out to be more epic in the end. Because the hype behind this one didn’t pay off at all.