Review: ‘Steven Universe’: The Kindergarten Kid: Honoring The Classics

A monster problem surfaces.


Steven and Peridot work to track down a runaway corrupt Gem. As they do, the entire purpose of his episode becomes about paying tribute to some of the greatest cartoons ever made. It utilizes the same formula as the Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner segments from Looney Tunes. As the pair work to try and capture the Gem they experience gadgets not working properly and unsuccessfully attempting to drop drop a rock on top of the creature. There even is a moment where a character falls off a cliff, has a small smoke poof on impact, and an impression of them appears on the ground. It truly serves as a way for the creators to show their love for the characters they grew up with.

The episode isn’t without a bit of plot development. Peridot makes a comment how their are no corrupt Gems on homeworld. This means they appear exclusively on Earth and there may be a specific reason for it which will hopefully be explained later. Also, it’s interesting when Peridot takes the time to bubble the creature, it ends up teleporting to the Barn instead of to the Crystal Gem’s temple. It helps to show she really does think of it as her home. It’s a brief moment but it’s truly touching.

The episode is cute, comical, and has just elements of plot to make it necessary viewing. The real aspect to look out for in this new season is how many of this more humorous episodes are needed before the more dramatic and intense elements come back, like they did in the second half of the previous season. Hopefully there won’t be nearly as many as season three but as long as they have as much value as episodes like this, fans won’t have to worry as much.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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