Review: ‘Steven Universe’: Last One Out Of Beach City: Pearl Of Ages

The gang go to a rock show.


In an effort to grow as a character, Pearl tries to become cool. She takes Steven and Amethyst to a Rock show to prove she really has forgotten Rose Quartz and is able to grow as an individual. She accomplishes this by falling for a girl who looks exactly like Rose. She definitely has a type.

It’s good to see Pearl is trying to be more involved with the Earth and its inhabitants. She’s lived on the planet for hundreds of years but still hasn’t taken the time to engaged herself in Human Culture. She even mentions not having a license and makes a good point of saying she’s from another planet so it’s be hard to obtain one. Still, sounds kind of odd she wouldn’t be able to forge a document or something which could allow her to get one. Sure she’s the rule follower of the team but if it was pointed out how it would help Steven she would probably do it in an instant.

It should be pointed out how less than subtle the episode is about homosexual relationships. This has always been a point with this series to talk about non-conventional relationships and present them in a way which others and understand and relate too. Yet, previously they have been addressed with the subtext of showing the aliens Gems interacting with one another. This one is Pearl, the most feminine of the team picking up a human female. The addressing of these themes in such a positive light is what caused this show to receive such a large following.

This episode features a lot of character focus but sadly not much actual action. It was listed on the Wikipedia as the season finale for months. It’s probably better to have it as the an episode in the middle of the season instead. It’s good but not end the season good.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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