Review: ‘Steven Universe’: Greg The Babysitter: Loving Rose

Greg tells Steven how he got a job at the car wash.

This episode becomes all about Greg, Rose Quartz, and their relationship. It features one of the best montages ever as it shows Greg and his hardships as he tries to be with Rose. Their relationship is cute, funny, and heartwarming all at the same time.

This episode focuses on Greg as he tries to get accustomed to being in Beach City. Showing how he tried to play to get money but it doesn’t work but still kept moving forward in an effort to keep his dream of being a musician alive. Eventually through helping to babysit and interacting with Rose he realizes he needs to grow up and get a job. It’s a real good moment which is lead up to by him stopping to play video games as he’s looking for a lost baby.

There are a lot of great moments and references in this episode. It contains Sour Cream as a infant, and a reference to Little Butler (the show Greg was a huge fan of). Rose’s ignorance for humans allows to show a great comparison between Gems and humans. It’s a wonderful look into why Rose loves humans so much and why she was willing to fight for them against her Homeworld.

The lesson of “growing up is something you decide to do” is one which is should be especially poignant to the geek community. A lot of the hobbies and interests we enjoy are thought to be meant for kids and we are often looked at as being childish for enjoying them. Still, as long as we are responsible adults who take care of ourselves, others, and work to be productive individuals there really isn’t harm in indulging in a video game or cartoon every once and awhile.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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