Review: ‘Steven Universe’: Buddy’s Book: An Explorer’s Journal

Steven visits the library with Connie and uncovers a long lost book.


Time for a history lesson. Steven and Connie find a book which belonged to a man named Buddy, the first mate of Captain William Dewey, the person who founded Beach City. If you need more of a reminder the town’s founding, watch the episode Historical Friction for a more comical look at how this event played out. Buddy, wanting to do more with his life than be a side note in history, decided to explore the world and make a name for himself. What follows is seeing what it would have been like for a regular person to see all the sites and locations which the Crystal Gems visit on a constant basis with teleportation but by walking.

Instead of simply just showing locations which fans already know about there are a few moments which tap into some new and old mysteries. First, a new location which even Steven hasn’t heard about is introduced. Simply called the Palanquin, not much is known about it other and really only there to lay the groundwork for it to appear in the future. Second, it’s shown Rose Quartz enjoyed hanging out with a pack of lions who seemed to treat her as if she was a member of the pride. This aspect will be explored more in detail later but it’s obvious it will help to explain where Steven’s pet, the super powered Lion came from and why Rose Quartz blessed him with so much awesome power.

The episode touches on just enough points to really make it more than simply “good” in terms of its rating. It offers up a bit of history and retrospective on what the characters were like back then (even though it’s Steven and Connie’s imagination of what they were like) and offers a bit of new mystery for future episodes to explore. This was a definitely a history lesson which shouldn’t be skipped.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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