REVIEW: Shomin Sample ‘Inexperienced Though I Am, Please Accept Me Forever’ – If you were like this all the time I would!

Summary: With Masaomi’s help, the rest of the Commoner Club members arrive at the Arisugawa estate to break off Reiko’s engagement. Kimito makes an impassioned plea, but ends up saying more than he intends.

Called it! So called it! Despite the chaos and detrimental effects it would have normally, Reiko’s marriage is called off with no overall repercussions even though Kimito’s plea sounded like a proposal and her family now thinks they are engaged. Hurray for the status quo and no changes occurring at all.

Though the story doesn’t change, the comedy for this episode is over the top. Karen has moves to rival Kenshin Himura from Rurouni Kenshin and fights a giant robot. Hakua hacks the Matrix (seriously, the control panel she goes to has the falling letters as its background), and there are references to both Dragonball Z and Yu Yu Hakusho. Where were these jokes when the series felt stagnant in the middle? If there was more humor like this every episode, the series would have been one of the greatest shows of the year.

Sadly, the ending is very open and the manga is still being published. A sequel is no doubt inevitable. No word of a second season yet but give it some time. If a harem show makes money, the studio will milk it for all its worth. Yippie.

Shomin Sample is streaming at Funimation.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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