REVIEW: Shomin Sample ‘The Tea Party Incident’ – *Insert Cat Fight Joke Here*

Kimito gets invited to a tea party by Reiko but AIka is quick to pull him away and remind him of his duties for the commoner club and how Aika is still working on a commoner party that will  make her more popular. As the tea party begins, minus Kimito, Reiko can’t stand hearing her guests talk about Kimito and Aiko hanging out so Reiko is…abrasive to one of them! Oh the melodramatic horror!

Reiko immediately feels depressed for her actions and wishes to could make amends. Wanting everything to be peaceful in the school, AIka permits Kimito to use the supplies and party idea to patch things up between Reiko and her classmates. Reiko is able to give everyone cell phones and everything is fine. Until Kimito reveals the party was originally Aika’s idea which leads to Reiko finding her and the two girls engaging in a wrestling match on Kimito’s bed and shouting how much they hate each other. Considering Reiko was originally upset about being a little curt with another classmate, this is an amusing development for her character. Reiko then decides to join the commoner club herself despite Aika’s protest.

The comedy gets into high gear as Reiko and Aika finally show just how much they can’t stand one another. So much for being ladies of exceptional birth and nobility. The commoner club now has four members and Kimito’s life is as always far from normal, but still it’s moments like which will keep the audience watching.

Shomin sample is simulcast streaming from Funimation.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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