REVIEW: Shomin Sample ‘Step Outside’ – Welcome to Shomin Land!

The girls of the school finally get a chance to see how commoners live. Not by actually going out and meeting everyday working class people and interacting with them. Instead, the school pays to have an actual amusement park set up to be just like a regular section of a normal city complete with arcades and fast food, something these girls have never experienced before. Ah, the problems of the 1%.

Aika is hesitant to showcase all she has learned from Kimito and freezes up and its Reika who shines at first. Later though, Aika is able to recover by showcasing how epic her skills are at a dancing game. It looks like she might be finally getting the popularity she has been craving.

The humor is a bit better in this episode compared to the previous one. Hakua isn’t in it for very long so there’s no nudity jokes, but there is a very amusing “press my buttons just right way” joke in the arcade which was particularly amusing. The scene with girls having trouble ordering fast food is also amusing but jokes such as this have already been done in better anime.


This episode is an improvement from the previous episode but not enough to change my overall feelings of this show. Shomin Sample isn’t terrible by any means but it just keeps proving, over and over again, that it really isn’t bringing anything new to the table. Still, for Harem fans, this is still the show they should be watching for the falls season.

Shomin sample is simulcast streaming from Funimation.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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