REVIEW: Shomin Sample ‘Kagurazaka-sama is here’ – And he brought jokes!

Summary: The Commoner Club members learn about maid cafés, and take over the cafeteria in a practical exercise to learn more about what maid café maids do. When Sakimori learns of Kimito’s affinity for maids, she invites him to Hakua’s lab.

It’s Hakua’s turn to have an episode but not before the group tries recreate a maid cafe. This is where the humor really comes out in spades. The girls are freaked out over the concept of Moe as Aika cries, “As a normal human. I can’t do something so embarrassing.” The jokes are entertaining and refreshing, something this show hasn’t always displayed. Also, Reiko’s singing voice begins the house down in a most entertaining fashion. Encore!

Later, as the maids push Hakua and Kimito together, more humor comes out. Their antics as they push the pair together includes destroying dishes and straws so romantic situations are possible was very amusing. Where were these moments in the middle of the series when it started to drag?


Sadly, the “Hakua gets naked” gag is back and just won’t seem to go away. This is the one drawback with this show. It’s really hard to enjoy a joke which has such a central focus and a bit disturbing in nature. Why won’t the joke just die?

So, a comedy show is actually funny. Good it’s doing its job. Let’s hope they can keep this level of entertainment as they wind the show down in the last three episodes.

Shomin Sample is simulcasting at Funimation.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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