REVIEW: Shomin Sample ‘I’ve been curious about this for a while, but what is Gets?’ – Apparently it’s adorable.


Kimito gives Aika a yellow suit of the same style worn by Dandy Sakano, famous commoner comedian and inventor of the “Gets” gesture. When Kimito says that he misses having male companionship, the girls assume the worst.

Aika is once again gullible led astray. This time getting talked into wearing a men’s suit to look like a famous comedian. It’s adorable to see her try to master the gag gesture of said comedian. Unfortunately, the gag goes a little too far and soon all the girls in the school are all trying on the outfit. If Kimito really wanted to mess with the girls in a truly gut busting manner he could choreograph the entire thriller video with all the girls in the school. Such a scene would truly be hysterical.

Later, the girls worry Kimito will go away because he is sick of being around too many girls, so they decide to act like guys to make him want to stay. To accomplish this they all dress up in men’s costumes and cover themselves in Yakiniku sauce to try to smell like men. Again, humourous moments like this is where the series displays its strength.

The show is once again showcasing the goofy ‘fish out of water” charm which made it so appealing in the beginning. Had it not lost this formula in the middle of the series it wouldn’t have been so difficult to sit through some of the episodes. Still, it’s entertaining which is the only necessary aspect a harem series truly needs to display. If you’re not going to be groundbreaking as a show you at least have to be fun to watch.

Shomin Sample is streaming at Funimation.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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