REVIEW: Shomin Sample ‘It was Like the Garden of Eden’- Two for the price of one.

The episode starts with Kimito finding out his parents are living sweet off the money they got for him becoming the ‘Commoner Sample.’ From there he is finding it rough being the only guy in the school. His terrible day is only intensified when he comes across a girl who is so engrossed in her work she strips off her clothes. Luckily it’s more for shock factor then fanservice that leads to a ‘pervert’ joke as Aika walks in on the two of them. Which is good because they say she is 14 years old but looks 6. Hakua, a young genius who gets lost in a trance and begins scribbling physics equations on any surface she can find. She quickly forms a bond with Kimito, which comes off more like a “sweet brother and sister” bond than the sexual one Anime has been pushing a lot lately. It’s a bit refreshing not to have the Big Brother complex character.

Next, the show introduces a katana carrying, Samurai girl named Karen, who thanks to a misunderstanding challenges Kimito to a duel. She begins by cutting a group girls and Kimito down to their underwear. As the fight continues, Karen cuts off Kimito’s underwear. If it’s not evident, she’s not good at fighting.  As she accidently cuts off her uniform. Feeling defeated she bows to Kimito and calls him her master. Karen and Hakua, start hanging around Kimito’s room, and Hakua even supplies Aika with a box of cell phones for her latest plan to become more popular.

More hilarity ensues thanks to the new cast additions. This show still won’t be on anyone’s list for the greatest anime of the year or even the season for that matter. Still, it’s a fun harem show and is entertaining to watch. For those who follow the genre, though, it may be a dream come true.

Shomin Sample currently simulcasts streaming on Funimation.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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